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J_Fly   in reply to piper4ever   on

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Hi, piper4ever I have neurofibromatosis Type 2 "NF2" Which the are known to grow in more alidal areas like the spine and or brain as well as the general skin growth "in short" In the state in which my child resided in, He had NF2 also, There was a NF organisation that assisted my child. Maybe you can look at Your state's NF organisation for some assistance, If you haven't already. I did a quick search and only came up with the info below. Neurofibromatosis, Inc. "Indiana organisation's" P.O. Box 221 Linden, IN 47955 Phone: (317) 736-7577 or (765) 339-7206 I'll keep you in my prayers God Bless n Best to you n yours J_Fly

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There is another choice you may want to look into. "Adoption" Adoption Alpena MI - Alpena MI, adoption, Alpena MI adopting ...Many couples are choosing to expand their families through adoption. Learn the process and legalities surrounding adopting a child. Licensed Michigan Infant Adoption AgenciesLicensed Michigan Adoption Agencies Infant Adoption ... Alpena. Catholic Human Services 154 S. Ripley Alpena, MI 48707 (989) 356-6385 ... Abortion Alternatives To - 154 S Ripley Blvd, Alpena - (989) 356-6385 In any case God Bless n Best to you n yours J_Fly

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Wonderful PC a Major Headache

Hello, all

  From years of personal expireance with PCs and helping family and friends with their's, Which I have developed some of my biggest headaches, From that occasional slowdowns. freezes and/or crashes.

At first I use third party programes, To try to fix the problems n optimize my PC. I tried many different programs. Altough some seemed to work for a while, My PC was always quick to revert back. Even after doing a full reformat. Which is no fun if you have alot of programes to reload or not. After my first reformat, I started to do some investigating on the causes for slowdowns. freezes and/or crashes.

There is alot of reading to such and alot of thing to be done manually. But I'm only
going to share some basic tips. That I have read numouse times and do regulary.To help you with your PC's headache
Although my PC isn't problem free. It is more efficiat and relialble. "Recently upgraded"

I used to own and used a PC w/Windows n Me on it for more then ten years and it function
better then many of my friends n families new XPs. At the end of my windosorouse
existance it was doing more then it was made for. "Totally Overclocked and littoraly
burnt out, WAY COOL" I won't tell you how to do that.

Now for the simple n safe, To do tips that should give your PC a noticable difference.
Depending on your platform. The location of ultillities may be different. "I'll be
useing Windows in my explinations."

There isn't any one reason or answer for a PC's sluggishness and/or problems, It usually
lie's with-in your PC's CPU. "The Prosseser" That get's mis-fragmented, gluttered and
overly worked. By unnecessary programs and programs load at startup and or are set to
automaticly run in the background. Useing or adjusting your PC's own Ultilities and/or
Third party Programs, Will give your PC a noticable difference

1. Disable start menue programs

Go to the start menue; Click or mouse over Programes > Then Startup > Make note of each
program,Then get into them one-by-one and to disable them from loading up at startup. By
going through its settings or opptions. Also remove any unused or needed programs. By
going to: Go to the start menue; Click on/or mouse over Setting > Then Control Panel >
Then Add or Remove Programs

2. Disable Schedule programs

Go to the start menue; Click on/or mouse over Setting > Then Control Panel > Then
Schedule Task > Then Right click on each listed program > Then on the bottom left,
Uncheck the checked box > Then click Apply > Be sure to do that to each, Some programs
will revert back to schedule, Dose may be needed for system general operation.

3.Quick Disk clean up

Go to the start menue; Click or mouse over Programes > Then Accessories > Then System
Tools > Then Disk Cleanup. A Disk Cleanup Calculation window appears, Then a larger one
with a pane listing several folders of un-use or needed files. That can be deleted.
Check all the boxes then press okay. Then another window appears, Asking you if your
sure. click yes.

4. Now Install the latest drivers and/or patches offered by each hardware manufacturer.

Starting with Windows Update: Go to the start menue; Click Windows Update and download
all thats offered. When finished. Go to the start menue; Click on/or mouse over Setting
> Then Control Panel > Then System click on Hardware > Them Device Manager Tab > A
window that shows all your installed hardware should show,Look for any red checks or Xs.
If you see one or more and do not know why it is marked, Right click over each of them
and click Properties, Read the Devise Status message. If it says it has been disabled.
Then don't worry about it.It may have been disabled because its not needed or being used
by its root program and has been disabled by default to avoid conflic, Such as a Network
Connection, Communication, Entertainment Ultility. If it says that the hardwaer has a
problem > Click on the Update Driver BUtton. Windows may be able to use its pre-loaded
driver files. You may need to use the hardware's Insulation disk or search the web. "
Even if there wasn't a red mark showing for a picticular hardwaer, You should manualy
check for updates ocasionaly.

5. Defragmentise n Scan Disk

Go to the start menue; Click or mouse over Programes > Then Accessories > Then System
Tools > Then Disk Defragmenter > When Disk Defragmenter is finished, Do The same again
but click on Scan Disk ( Windows XP an newer platforms Click on the My Computer Icon on
your Desktop to open it > Then right click Local Disk > Then click proberties > Then
click the Tool Tab > Then Scan Disk > "You may need to Restart you PC to start the
scan." When scan is finished,Use your the PC for a while, Both off and on the Internet,
Is there a noticeable difference? There should be and you did it yourself and know what was done. Makes it easier when asking some one for help. Instead of saying I don't know I used this program n my computer went to h-ll...

6. Remove viruses and malware.

Update and using you Registry cleaner and Virus check programs. If you have them?
If you don't, please use the links below to get a Free virus check and/or a Reg cleaner.
Their basic programs but do the trick I've used them for several years. If you have
never used a virus check or reg cleaner, Please be sure to read the introductory and
follow the steps that each program will lead you though to create back ups.

Free Virus check Program "AVG"

Free Registry cleaner Program "C Cleaner"

I Hope you find this Blog helpful and would like to hear about your experience, If you
use the above tips or one of your own. Please post them here. PC headaches are a major for many.

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J_Fly   in reply to lzbth   on

About lzbth

Hi, Elizabeth Thanks for the update.

It may have been a bitter pill to swallow on first taught, Selling a quality car for a beater. But it seems to have offered new hope and a new creativity for your finances. Just follow the act of down grading/sizing though on all finances matters at current time, Rebuild when you can latter. As it is more important to meet your family's basic need, Then to have the eye candy or window dressing. I took this approach  myself several years ago. In any case, I would think that your Sister was the life saver here ? But I feel your a strong women for staying with your husband through it all. Many walk out...  Oh One more thing I don't live in CA, I'm up north in WA'

All Things are possible through God in the name of Jesus.

Best to you n yours


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J_Fly   in reply to prayogi   on

About prayogi

Hi, prayogi

Just visited your Blog and clicked on your other website link "java-oak". It did not work. I looked at the URL and it is wrong http://greenpeace/ . You need to add .org at the end, Before the slash. I'll show how it should look. So it will work. , I visited the site and I agree that their is a global problem and change is needed.

Peace to you


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J_Fly   in reply to lzbth   on

About lzbth

OPPs Here is a link to help you find a loco Social Security office. I forgot to put in my first post.

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J_Fly   in reply to AidpageTeam   on


 Looking to be an active Aidpage members n am interested in taking part in the distributing advertising program.

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J_Fly   in reply to lzbth   on

About lzbth

 in response to lzbth...   

 Hi, lzbth

Has your Husband applied for Social security Disability ?
Thats not welfare a earned supplement that all workers pay into.
I've been collecting it for several years. Oh I'm from the valley to, Fresno, Selma, Dinuba and Visa area

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About J_Fly

 HI, All
 Well to indroduce myself, .I'm a happy go lucky type, That gets through life like Mr. Magoo. Don't be so quick to hate me or those like me. We all have issues. Just have a different way dealing with them. For the hear n now or so. I'm a singal Disabled 40 something years.old., ,  I recently lost  my only child "Son" at 19yrs.. A few month prior I lost my Father. I live in a sub-stander home.but I own it, Have a pile of debt, Poor eye sight, Don't hear need new dentures and and... Life gose on and on.... Okay I came by a post of a Aidpage member while doing a search that caught my attention and wanted to read it in full, But needed to sign up to do so. Then I read many other post. Well I like to abserve and learn.  I'll offer a commit if I have one to offer and maybe start a block or two while I'm here.. Feel free to say hi. If you want.
I'll add more about me later, For now I'll leave You All a few scriptures I keep in mind n I try to live by. Not as if I'm a devoted Christian.But do have a firm belief in God

KJ ver.
Luke 6:31 And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to ye also to them likewise ...

Luke 6:38 "Give, and it will be given to you."

Many Parallel Translations, A nice Biblical study site.

... Lao Tzu - "Give A Man A Fish, Feed Him For A Day. Teach A Man To Fish, Feed Him For A Lifetime"

Ptace Out

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